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    SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub

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    SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub

    The SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub’s mix of exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients gently sloughs off dirt and dead skin cells, revealing softer, smoother, and brighter skin.

    Best Products and How to Prevent Dark Underarms -
    Maria Poole, USA
    “I had black spots in my armpits and groin due to pregnancy. I was not sure if the product would work, as I tried it many ways, but then it miraculously worked. My armpits skin lightens day by day. Thank God for letting me found this product. I know that in time this product will definitely make a difference with my discoloration! Definitely recommend!”
    HOW TO COVER DARK KNEES│Tamekans - YouTube
    Ruby Nicholson, New Zealand
    “First of all, I am a pharmacist so I thoroughly made my research before purchasing this product. I chose this because of its high purity and bioavailability which makes it really effective. It is also in its reduced form - which is it's stable, active form, unlike other commercially available glutathione in the market which are pure gimmick. I am definitely going to be using this for a long time as I like how it works on me - I wake up fresher and I noticed that the dark spots on my face lightened too while I'm on this product.”

    Gentle Body Exfoliation for Smooth, Glowing Skin

    In the comfort of your home, SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub’s will help enhance the overall tone of your most private areas. SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub has been specially engineered with natural and plant-based ingredients to help blend areas of discoloration on intimate and sensitive external areas of the skin.

    These days more people are taking it upon themselves to enhance the overall skin’s appearance in both intimate and sensitive areas. SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub is here to help you achieve even skin tone safely and effectively.

    Whether you're looking to brighten up your bikini line, blend the tone around your bum area, or enhance the appearance of your intimate areas, SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub will help you achieve your desired look.

    • Honey peach fruit extract: make your skin vibrant and glowing. They can help you improve your complexion and get that clear, youthful, dewy looking skin. Honey peach fruit extract is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive and irritated skin. SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub are incredibly rich, nourishing and hydrating.
    • Sodium hyaluronate: is hydrophilic, meaning it easily mixes with water. When applied topically, it attracts moisture in skin cells. This reduces dryness and flaking by increasing skin hydration. Compared to high molecular weight HA, sodium hyaluronate can provide a greater hydrating effect.
    • Glycerol: A type of moisturizing agent that pulls water into the outer layer of your skin from deeper levels of your skin and the air. Taken by mouth for weight loss, improving exercise performance, helping the body replace water lost during diarrhea and vomiting, and reducing pressure inside the eye in people with glaucoma. Athletes also use glycerol to keep from becoming dehydrated.
    • Alpine rose: really sets itself apart by its ability to stimulate collagen production. Alpine rose makes up the foundation of your skin and is responsible for giving you a smooth, youthful complexion. Alpine Rose Active is a purified extract of organic alpine rose leaves, which rejuvenates the skin through the novel anti-aging concept of senolytics.
    • Rhododendron extract: is considered beneficial in preventing aging and bring back skin glow. It is strong antioxidant and offers benefits in preventing damage of skin cells by oxidizing action of sunlight and pollution. It has a skin-protecting effect (protects the skin from harmful effects of external factors).


    Benefits of adding this creamy body polish scrub into your shower routine:

    • Brightens, moisturizes, nourishes, and helps bring out dewy and elastic skin
    • Helps your skin keep its moisture and elasticity while brightening it
    • Increase your complexion along with the elasticity.
    • Helps restore radiance to aging skin
    • Helps in restoring the moisture balance and reviving your skin
    • Helps to enhance skin tone
    • Helps improve overall texture & provides lasting hydration
    • It will visibly reduce dark spot and pigmentation on your skin

    “The SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub is effective in ridding the skin of buildup and dead skin cells. But remember to not go overboard. My advice is to use it regularly once or twice a week or once a day if you have issues such as acne, rough elbows and knees, and dry skin.” - Dr. Marissa Sobel, San Francisco, California-based, board-certified dermatologist

    Penn Physician Announcements - Penn Medicine

    Debra Jenkins raves about the SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub & shares her 1-week experience.

    Underarm friction and rubbing were a real concern for me. These led to rashes and discoloration that become stubborn dark spots over time. I was looking for a product to lighten the area because the summer season is fast approaching, and I didn't want to worsen the dark spots in those areas. So, I decided to try the SOFT SmootSkin Honey Peach BodyScrub. On the first use, I didn't experience any sensitivity, noticed that it somehow brightened the skin on the first application.
    Day 3:
    Wow. This stuff really worked! I noticed a huge difference in the skin tone in the affected parts. It softened my skin too. It used to be rough because of chicken skin, now the area is smooth to the touch.

    I thought this cream was too good to be true, but boy was I wrong! After consistently applying this scrub on areas with discoloration for a week, my dark underarms are now gone! This is a miracle worker. I'll definitely buy another one to use for my knees and elbow.

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