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    LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil

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    LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil

    Do you want to train longer, and run faster?


    We do too! That's why we're so excited about this new product. LactiBio™ is a massage oil that provides you with remarkable focus and stamina when and where you need it. This premium train-longer run-faster oil is equally useful for sprint runners and athletes. Run for miles without lactic acid build-up and experience more focused training. This could be the perfect solution for you!

    Let's hear Johnny's cramp-free journey with LactiBio™!

    "Let me share my incredible experience with LactiBio™, a game-changing solution that has completely transformed my performance during ultramarathons and challenging trail races, spanning up to an impressive 52 miles. The key to unlocking its full potential lies in following the suggested usage instructions thoughtfully provided on the bottle. Before discovering LactiBio™, I used to dread the inevitable cramps that would inevitably hit me around mile 20 during races. Those debilitating cramps significantly hindered my progress, leaving me frustrated and demotivated. However, my entire perspective changed when I incorporated this revolutionary product into my race-day routine.

    LactiBio™ worked like magic, rendering my cramp woes a thing of the past. Throughout the entire race, not even a hint of cramping surfaced, which was nothing short of a revelation for me. I felt liberated, able to push myself harder and maintain peak performance without the fear of those dreaded muscle spasms. I'm sincerely grateful for this extraordinary product, as it has undoubtedly elevated my performance and contributed to the sheer enjoyment of my athletic pursuits. LactiBio™ has earned a permanent spot in my training regime, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all fellow athletes and endurance enthusiasts seeking to conquer their races without the burden of cramps. Embrace the magic of LactiBio™ and unleash your full potential as an athlete – you won't be disappointed!" - Johnny Frank, Athlete



    Lactic Acid is a natural byproduct of our body's regular metabolic processes. Essential for converting glucose into energy, oxygen present in the blood plays a vital role in this conversion. Nevertheless, under conditions of limited oxygen availability, the body resorts to breaking down glucose without sufficient oxygen, leading to the production of lactic acid.

    During normal metabolism, our cells utilize oxygen in a process called aerobic respiration to efficiently transform glucose into usable energy. This oxygen-dependent pathway not only generates more energy per glucose molecule but also produces carbon dioxide and water as byproducts, which are easily eliminated from the body. In certain situations, such as intense exercise or when there's an inadequate oxygen supply to meet the body's demands (as can occur during high-intensity workouts or due to respiratory issues), aerobic respiration may become limited. As a result, the body switches to an alternative pathway known as anaerobic respiration to maintain energy production.



    It is essential to note that mild lactic acid build-up is a normal and natural part of energy metabolism during physical activity, and it typically resolves after exercise when oxygen levels are restored. However, excessive or prolonged lactic acid accumulation can be a sign of an underlying medical issue and may require medical attention.

    If you or someone you know experiences symptoms like severe muscle pain, weakness, rapid breathing, nausea, or confusion during or after physical activity or due to other potential causes of lactic acidosis, recommend them to use LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil!


    LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil: How Does it Work?

    If you go hard enough to suffer lactic acid muscle pain, LactiBio™ is for you. We discovered how to help prevent lactic acid in the first place, using natural muscle fuel. Plus creatine, magnesium and Vitamin D to work faster.

    In 15 minutes, LactiBio™ prepares your body to perform like you trained an extra month. Your muscles are fueled precisely, without leftover fuel to form painful, performance-robbing lactic acid. In the gym, you’ll breeze past your old repetition limits. Your run will feel euphoric, the miles effortless. You’ll comfortably pedal up climbs that once made your legs beg for mercy. It’s fun when sports don’t hurt. Whatever your sport, LactiBio™ lets you lose yourself in the euphoria of performing your best. Without the agony of lactic acid!

    Why Choose LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil?

    • Prevents Excess Lactic Acid Buildup: Our groundbreaking product is specifically formulated to effectively prevent lactic acid build-up, granting you the advantage of maximum stamina and unlocking the potential for relentless training sessions like never before. With its innovative formula, our product targets the root cause of lactic acid accumulation, ensuring that you can push your limits and go beyond your previous boundaries without the burden of muscle fatigue or cramping.
    • Reduces Tiredness and Sore Muscles: By impeding the excess production of lactic acid during intense physical activities, our product optimizes your body's energy metabolism, enabling you to perform at peak levels for extended periods, removing the feeling of tiredness and preventing your muscles to get sore.
    • Works Fast: Say goodbye to post-training discomfort and unlock the power of relentless training, all thanks to our cutting-edge formula that delivers tangible results in a matter of minutes!



    "I strongly advocate and promote LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil to those looking to maximize their training regimen and get through the typical struggles of pain and exhaustion because I appreciate the health of athletes. Thanks to its potent yet fully natural ingredients that work in harmony to provide amazing results, this exceptional product is an essential addition to every athlete's toolset. For athletes aiming to prolong their training sessions and maximize their performance, the transformative properties of LactiBio™ Massage Oil are second to none. Its powerful formula targets the root cause of soreness – lactic acid build-up – and efficiently neutralizes its effects, providing swift relief and facilitating a quicker recovery process. By incorporating LactiBio™ Massage Oil into their daily training routine, athletes can embrace the exhilaration of reaching peak performance without being hindered by muscle soreness or fatigue. This product is a game-changer, enabling athletes to pursue their goals with unwavering focus and determination, knowing that they have a partner in their journey towards excellence." - Dr. Paul Hendrickson, M.D., Myologist


    Other Benefits of LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil:

    • Enhanced Muscle Recovery: LactiBio™ Massage Oil promotes faster muscle recovery after intense workouts. By stimulating blood circulation and easing muscle tension, it aids in flushing out metabolic waste and delivering essential nutrients to the muscles, expediting the healing process and reducing downtime between training sessions.
    • Reduced Inflammation: The natural ingredients in LactiBio™ Massage Oil possess anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation in muscles. This reduces post-exercise discomfort, swelling, and redness, enabling athletes to train more comfortably and efficiently.
    • Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: Regular application of LactiBio™ Massage Oil can help enhance muscle flexibility and increase the range of motion in joints. This heightened flexibility reduces the risk of injuries and allows athletes to perform movements more fluidly and effectively during training and competition.
    • Stress Relief: The act of massaging LactiBio™ Massage Oil onto the muscles also provides a therapeutic and calming effect on the mind and body. This promotes relaxation, reduces stress levels, and contributes to a positive mental state – all of which are crucial for optimal athletic performance.
    • Prevention of Muscle Knots: The formula's unique blend of natural ingredients helps to prevent the formation of muscle knots and trigger points, which can lead to chronic pain and decreased muscle function. This preventive action ensures athletes can maintain peak performance without being hindered by muscle tightness.
    • Non-Greasy and Absorbent: LactiBio™ Massage Oil is designed to be non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin, making the application process smooth and effortless. Athletes can quickly and comfortably apply the oil before or after workouts, without any sticky residue or discomfort.


    More Successful Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers!

    "I've been using LactiBio™ for many years now as a serious endurance road cyclist decidedly "up in age"! I typically ride 5,000 mi or more in a season, usually with only light riding in December and January to give my body a break. LactiBio™ is a fantastic massage oil for any time I know I will be doing a tough ride that involves speed work, tough climbs or interval training, century rides and "big" rides in hot temperatures with high humidity and Dew Point degrees. My legs don't cramp at inconvenient times, nor are they anywhere near a fatigued as they can get if I don't use LactiBio™. I believe in this product and feel it helps me keep an edge as I've aged." - Greg Johnson

    "If you're a weightlifter seeking to elevate your performance and break through the barriers of tiredness and cramps, I wholeheartedly recommend trying LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil. The effectiveness of this product is truly beyond words. It has become an indispensable part of my training regime, and I cannot imagine weight lifting without it. I cannot express my gratitude enough – this product has truly transformed my weightlifting experience for the better!" - Ashley Tanner

    "This product actually works as intended! Just before going out for my mile-long run, I take four pumps of this massage oil and I feel that I can run longer distances without feeling fatigued compared. I now run longer distances and feel more energized than ever!" - Pixie Marty



    Product type: Massage Oil
    Usage: For both men and women
    Net weight: 100ml


    LactiBio™ Lactic Acid Removal Massage Oil x 1/2/4/8 pcs


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