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    EMS LymphActive AcupointsMassager Pen

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    EMS LymphActive AcupointsMassager Pen

    Check out our customers testimonies about their journey with our EMS LymphActive AcupointsMassager Pen

    “I’ve been dealing with swelling arms for years due to gaining weight and I can’t stop eating is one of the reasons too. I found this EMS pen through online, I read the description about this product and it says here that it can reduce swelling so I tried it. After 5 weeks of using this pen the swelling on my arms has been totally disappear and It is lightweight now, I highly recommend this pen!” –Isabella Thompson—Houston, Texas
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    “I had an accident few years ago that leads to make my legs and feet swell and I can’t walk properly anymore. My dad recommend me this product because it help him to reduce the lymph node on his neck, So I tried it! After using this in just 4 weeks, the swelling in my legs and feet was totally gone. This product helps me to improve my blood circulation and now I also lose 22 pounds of my weight. Thanks to this product!” – Ellaine Conrad—Columbus, Ohio

    EMS Technologies is a comprehensive manufacturing service provider, with best-in-class facilities and support throughout Asia and here in the United States. Enterprise messaging system (EMS) is a messaging system allowing software applications and systems to communicate semantically. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, is a protocol that elicits a muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulate your motor neurons.

    Let’s talk about how lymphatic System works.


    • is the fluid that flows through the lymphatic system, a system composed of lymph vessels (channels) and intervening lymph nodes whose function, like the venous system, is to return fluid from the tissues to the central circulation.

    The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream). Some 20 liters of plasma flow through your body's arteries and smaller arteriole blood vessels and capillaries every day.

    • The removal of excess fluids from body tissues.
    • Absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat
    • Production of immune cells

    What are the blockages that affect the lymphatic system?

    Lymphatic obstruction is a blockage of the lymph vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed. Lymphatic obstruction may cause lymphedema, which means swelling due to a blockage of the lymph passages. Some of the blockages:

    • Enlarged (swollen) lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy): Enlarged lymph nodes are caused by infection, inflammation or cancer. 
    • Swelling or accumulation of fluid (lymphedema): Lymphedema can result from a blockage in the lymphatic system caused by scar tissue from damaged lymph vessels or nodes
    • Cancers of the lymphatic system: Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes and occurs when lymphocytes grow and multiply uncontrollably. 

    The Key Solution for Lymph Drainage - Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

    • The only therapy for lymphedema consists of physiotherapy, surgery, and compression to reduce impairment, which only treats the symptoms, not the causes. A possible new therapy that could reinforce the treatment of lymphedema progression and complications is electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

    • The smart micro-electron technology and low-frequency pulse massage technology are scientifically proven to stimulate the nerves which aids in lymphatic fluid draining, proper blood circulation and firm up your bum muscles which are also particularly useful for relieving pain.

    Daniella’s 60 days journey with our product.

    “I just discover this product through my friend who’s scrolling from an online shopping site. On the 1st week of using this product, I feel so comfortable. This made me believe that this product works. My legs felt a lot at ease and my calves are hurting a lot less”

    “It is the 8th week of using this product and I can’t believe that all the pain I’m experiencing is fading. Can you imagine that? For just 8weeks, the clog-dissolving components soften the hardness of the swelling on my legs.”

    “My decision on keeping this product and using it regularly is so worth it. This product seriously works under my skin to get the vein which is a big help for me. For just 12 weeks it shows already it’s a big improvement.” 
    – Daniella Jorgen— 39, Tampa, Florida 

    What makes the EMS LymphActive AcupointsMassager Pen effective?

    • Helps detoxification
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Expels unnecessary waste
    • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
    • Cure lymphatic drainage
    • Promotes a detox cleanse
    • Relieves swelling on body parts
    • Removes lymph nodes
    • A great natural solution for lymphatic drainage
    • Clears up lymphatic congestion in your body


    Size: 22.5 x 12 x 5.5 cm

    Color: Silver

    Material: Plastic/Metal

    Battery: AA


    1 Set EMS LymphActive AcupointsMassager Pen (3 Massage Heads)

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